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Our Mission

Bringing Together Pennsylvania Pagans

It is our mission to build up the local Pagan community in Pennsylvania and to bring it’s people and its resources together in a unified network. We want to encourage them to fight for their rights, to pursue recognition, and to be unafraid of stepping out into the light. Together, we can locate the resources to help us thrive in our chosen spiritual practices, help each other grown stronger as individuals and destigmatize Pagan practices while bring pride to those who call themselves Pagan or witch.


Hosting and sharing events via our social media groups to help people get involved.


Helping seekers find mentors, supplies, and opportunities to grow their spiritual selves.


Promoting other organizations that have professional leadership and positive cultures.

Our Leadership Team

The Admins and Moderators of our various FaceBook groups and other organizations are all great leaders dedicated to the service of our community. They seek to help connect and moderate between our various spaces to create a more connected and unified Pagan world.

Nicole Hartwell

Founder & Administrator
Nicole has been a leader in the PA Pagan community for many years, forging the way for inclusion and connectivity between many different kinds of Pagan and witchcraft practitioners.

Ogonslav Firewind

Founding Member & Moderator
High Priest Ogonslav is a leader within the Coven of the Open Mind. He is a certified reiki master, an herbalist, and a skilled spellcrafter with many years of experience as both a leader and a witch.

Sam Ben Avraham

Founding Member & Moderator
As a witch by heritage and trade, and a leader with many connections in the community, Sam seeks to share his alternative ways and learn with others. Sam loves the outdoors, especially fly-fishing, hiking, and meditating.

Ashan Azria

Founding Member & Moderator
Practicing traditional witchcraft devoted to Hades and Persephone, Ashan helps lead the East Coast chapter of the Temple of Inanna and Dumuzi and preserve Pagan history and lore. He loves exploring the Mysteries.

Anu Morgan

Founding Member & Moderator
Anu is a Priestex of the Temple of Inanna and Dumuzi where they help lead the East Coast chapter. Anu also does ancestry work and is a cottage witch. In their spare time they like to crochet, read, and write.

Our Path

Within all of the various installments of the PA Pagan Alliance, we take inclusivity and diversity very seriously. For us, it is more than a matter of ethics; diversity is the cornerstone of progress and inclusivity is the foundation of connection. All are welcome within our ranks, regardless of belief, personal practice, or matters of identity. We do not tolerate intolerance, hate speech, doxxing, or any other form of cyber bullying. We hope that everyone will feel welcome in our space! Remember that creating a harmonious, welcoming space for all means focusing on professionalism above all else, giving others the benefit of the doubt when intentions are not clear, and each of us working together to create a positive, inclusive, and ethical culture. Any behavior from any of our members that might violate our ideals should be brought to the attention of the leadership immediately. Feel free to reach out to them directly, or contact us directly.


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Our Groups

Find a PA-based Pagan FB group for you! Members of any faith are welcome, and do not have to live within the boundaries of PA, though residence in or near PA is recommended due to the nature of the groups. Please review our inclusivity statement and note that we moderate according to strict ethical guidelines. Groups reserve the right to screen for members or remove members at any time, and not every PA Pagan Alliance group is owned by the same moderators. If at any time, you feel a group is not operating in accordance with our requirements, please contact us immediately.

We hope you find a home here in the PA Pagan Alliance! Blessed be!

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Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to any individual leader at any time, or email us at contactus@papaganalliance.org. We appreciate any feedback!